Anu Venkateswaran

Anu Venkateswaran was born into a family that has been in Swami’s fold since 1964. Anu went through the Balvikas (Sai Spiritual Education) program in Chennai, India, and graduated from the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur Campus, with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics. After moving to the United States, she has been actively involved in the education, devotion and service wings of the Sai Organization. Currently Anu serves as the Devotional Coordinator for SSSIO USA Region 3. She is also the SSE Coordinator of the Northeast Atlanta Sai Center, where she teaches Group 4 SSE students. During the pandemic, Anu had the opportunity to share Swami’s message and stories virtually in several countries. During these sessions, she has felt the universality of Swami’s love through His devotees. 

Ramya Kumar & Shreyas Iyer

Ramya Kumar was introduced to Swami as a BalVikas student in Dubai, however her true inner connection started many years later, when she moved to Tucson, AZ for work. Over the years Ramya has been very involved in local, regional, national and international initiatives across all wings of the Sai organization. She has served in several YA leadership roles including Region 9 female rep & the former National YA Leadership Committee that spearheaded several initiatives including the first ever National USA YA Conference in 2009. Ramya has been serving as an SSE teacher for over 12years, and is currently the Region 9 Education Coordinator. Ramya is a Speech Language Pathologist by profession and practices in the pediatric and neonatal ICU settings. She feels privileged to be an instrument of Swami's love and healing energy on a daily basis. 

Shreyas Iyer's journey with Swami started at a very young age. He grew up in a Sai family and enjoyed the bliss of weekly home bhajans and regular visits to Prasanthi Nilayam. Shreyas' association with Sai center activities started after he arrived in Phoenix AZ for his masters at Arizona State University. He got involved with YA activities, service and bhajans at the local center. He has previously served as the Region 9 Male Young Adult Rep and Center Service Coordinator. He is also a group 4 SSE teacher. Shreyas currently serves as the Region 9 Service Coordinator. Shreyas is an engineer by trade, and a tabla artist by passion. He uses both aspects to focus on the journey towards the divinity within. 

Swami says...

You have to recognise that life is meant for selfless service and not to be lived for selfish purposes. Only through such service can the oneness of mankind be experienced. Unselfish service is the sheet-anchor of Karma Yoga (divine dedication through action). Society honors only such persons who serve society. Such persons earn the grace of God. Every individual has to realise the paramount importance of selfless service.

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 20 (1987) 

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